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*-Autonomous category to Alternating series
Alternation to Baker-Beynon duality
Baker–Beynon duality to Bochner–Martinelli representation formula
Bochner–Riesz means to Carleman theorem
Carleson measure to Code
Code with correction of arithmetical errors to Continuous set
Continuum to Defective value
Deficiency subspace to Disjoint sum of partially ordered sets
Disjoint union to Error-correcting code
Errors, theory of to Fold
Foliation to General recursive function
General recursive operator to Hausdorff dimension
Hausdorff gap to Incomplete data in clinical and epidemiological studies
Incomplete gamma-function to Joint distribution
Jones-Conway polynomial to Least common multiple
Least squares, method of to Logarithmic residue
Logarithmic spiral to Meta-theory
Metacyclic group to Neural network
Neutral differential equation to Orthogonal net
Orthogonal polynomials to Poincaré-Bertrand formula
Poincaré-Dulac theorem to Pseudo-norm
Pseudo-open mapping to Regular event
Regular expression to Schroeder functional equation
Schroeder–Bernstein theorem to Skorokhod equation
Skorokhod integral to Strip method (analytic functions)
Strip method (integral equations) to Tilted algebra
Tilting functor to Upper central series
Upper radical to Witt decomposition
Witt ring to Čech cohomology