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*-Autonomous category to Alternation, points of
Alternative to Balanced set
Balayage method to Bohnenblust theorem
Bohr-Favard inequality to Cartan matrix
Cartan method of exterior forms to Coherent analytic sheaf
Coherent numbers to Control system
Controlled stochastic process to Degree of undecidability
Dehn invariant to Distributions, complete family of
Distributions, convergence of to Euler substitutions
Euler summation method to Fourier series in orthogonal polynomials
Fourier series of an almost-periodic function to Geometric genus
Geometric lattice to Hessian (algebraic curve)
Hessian matrix to Information, transmission rate of
Information-based complexity to Kelvin transformation
Kempf vanishing theorem to Lie-group, p-adic
Lie-group-adic to Lévy–Khinchin canonical representation
Lévy–Prokhorov metric to Model theory of valued fields
Modeling count data to Non-measurable set
Non-orientable manifold to Parallelohedron
Parallelopipedon to Positional game
Positive-definite form to Quasi-regular mapping
Quasi-regular radical to Ricci curvature
Ricci identity to Semi-simple algebra
Semi-simple algebraic group to Spherical trigonometry
Spin to Symmetric difference of sets
Symmetric domain to Triangular array
Triangular element to Walsh series
Walsh system to Čech cohomology