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*-Autonomous category to Alternating series
Alternation to Baker-Beynon duality
Baker–Beynon duality to Bochner–Martinelli representation formula
Bochner–Riesz means to Carleson set
Carleson theorem to Code with correction of deletions and insertions
Codimension to Continuum, cardinality of the
Continuum hypothesis to Defining equation
Defining operator to Disjunction
Disjunctive complement to Essential mapping
Essential singular point to Folium of Descartes
Forced oscillations to General solution
General topology to Hausdorff measure
Hausdorff metric to Inconsistency
Inconsistent class to Jones polynomial
Jones unknotting conjecture to Least upper bound
Lebedev-Skal'skaya transform to Logarithmic summation method
Logarithmically-subharmonic function to Meteorology, mathematical problems in
Method of boundary integration to Neutral element
Neutron flow theory to Orthogonal polynomials on a complex domain
Orthogonal projector to Poincaré-Hopf theorem
Poincaré complex to Pseudo-prime
Pseudo-quadratic form to Regular function
Regular group to Schroedinger representation
Schröder functional equation to Skorokhod theorem
Skorokhod topology to Strong differentiation of an indefinite integral
Strong ergodicity to Time-optimal control problem
Time series to Urysohn-Brouwer lemma
Urysohn equation to Wittenbauer theorem
Wodzicki residue to Čech cohomology