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*-Autonomous category to Analytic Borel space
Analytic capacity to Barycentric coordinates
Barycentric subdivision to Borel set
Borel set, criterion for a to Cayley table
Cayley transform to Complete topological space
Complete uniform space to Covering homotopy
Covering surface to Differential equation, ordinary
Differential equation, partial to Electromagnetism
Element of best approximation to Fibonacci manifold
Fibonacci method to Game involving the choice of the moment of time
Game of chance to Hardy-Ramanujan theorem
Hardy-Weinberg law to Immersion of a manifold
Immersion operation to Joachimsthal surface
John-Nirenberg inequalities to Lebesgue integral
Lebesgue measure to Lowner method
Loxodrome to Mixed integer programming problem
Mixed integral equation to Non-smoothable manifold
Non-standard analysis to Particle method
Partition to Preservation of domain, principle of
Primary decomposition to Range (of variation of a sample)
Range of values to Root system
Root vector to Simple-iteration method
Simple-layer potential to Stochastic game
Stochastic geometry to Thue–Siegel–Roth theorem
Tie to Variation
Variation-parametric method to Zariski problem on field extensions
Zariski tangent space to Čech cohomology

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