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"discrete direct product" to Amicable numbers
Amitsur-Levitzki theorem to Banach–Jordan algebra
Banach–Jordan pair to Boolean differential calculus
Boolean equation to Cauchy characteristic problem
Cauchy criteria to Compactness
Compactness, countable to Correlation matrix
Correlation property for sequences to Diagonal continued fraction
Diagonal group to Dyad
Dyadic compactum to Factorization
Factorization identities to Fubini form
Fubini model to Grotzsch principle
Grotzsch theorems to Howell design
Huffman code to Inversion of an elliptic integral
Inversion semi-group to L-space-of-a-statistical-experiment
L-systems to Listing polynomials
Littlewood polynomial to Mazur–Orlicz theorem
McKay-Alperin conjecture to Negative variation of a function
Negative vector bundle to Orthogonal Latin squares
Orthogonal array to Poincaré last theorem
Poincaré mapping to Pólya distribution
Pólya theorem to Relaxation oscillation
Relay-contact scheme to Seiberg-Witten equations
Seiberg–Witten equations to Spectral decomposition of a linear operator
Spectral decomposition of a random function to Support of a function
Support of a generalized function to Transport net
Transport problem to Voting paradoxes
W-distribution to Čech cohomology