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"discrete direct product" to Ample vector bundle
Amplitude of an elliptic integral to Banaschewski compactification
Band method to Bordering method
Bordering of a space to Cauchy problem, numerical methods for ordinary differential equations
Cauchy sequence to Complementary series (of representations)
Complementation to Cotangent
Cotes formulas to Dickman-function(2)
Dickman function to Eckmann-Hilton duality
Eckmann–Hilton duality to Feathering
Federer-Fleming deformation theorem to Functional separability
Functional system to Gårding inequality
Gödel completeness theorem to Hypercentre
Hypercomplex functions to Isometric mapping
Isometric operator to Lambert transform
Lame coefficients to Locally connected continuum
Locally connected space to Meta-theory
Metacyclic group to Nikodym boundedness theorem
Nikodym convergence theorem to P-group
P-part of a group element of finite order to Pole assignment problem
Poly-analytic function to Quasi-conformal mapping
Quasi-cyclic group to Retract
Retract of a topological space to Semi-simple endomorphism
Semi-simple group to Spread (in intuitionistic logic)
Sprouts to System (in a category)
System identification to Twins
Two-body problem to Weighted space
Weil-Chatelet group to Čech cohomology