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*-Autonomous category to Analytic Borel space
Analytic capacity to Barycentric coordinates
Barycentric subdivision to Borel set
Borel set, criterion for a to Cayley table
Cayley transform to Complete topological space
Complete uniform space to Covering homotopy
Covering surface to Differential equation, ordinary
Differential equation, partial to Element of best approximation
Elementary Abelian group to Fibre product
Fibre product of objects in a category to Gamma-correlation
Gamma-distribution to Hardy variation
Hardy–Littlewood criterion to Implicit operator
Impossible event to Jordan-Dedekind lattice
Jordan-Dedekind property to Lebesgue theorem
Lebesgue–Stieltjes integral to Luzin-Privalov theorems
Luzin criterion to Model, mathematical
Model, regular to Normal
Normal algorithm to Passive constraint
Path to Prime number
Prime number theorem to Rank sum test
Rank test to Rotations diagram
Rotor to Simplex
Simplex (abstract) to Stochastic process, differentiable
Stochastic process, generalized to Tilting theory
Time-optimal control problem to Variational principles (in complex function theory)
Variational principles of classical mechanics to Zero-dimensional mapping
Zero-dimensional space to Čech cohomology