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in topology

A topological image of the closed part of the plane comprised between two non-identical concentric circles. A two-dimensional annulus is an orientable two-dimensional manifold of genus zero with two boundary components.


Thus, a -dimensional annulus is homeomorphic to , where is the circle and the interval. An -dimensional annulus is a space homeomorphic to . The -dimensional annulus conjecture states that for any homeomorphism such that , the interior of , the closed difference

is homeomorphic to the annulus . Here, .

The stable homeomorphism conjecture asserts that any orientation-preserving homeomorphism can be written as a finite product, , where each is the identity on some open subset of .

The stable homeomorphism conjecture for dimension implies the annulus conjecture for dimension .

The stable homeomorphism conjecture (and hence the annulus conjecture) has finally been established for all : , classical; , [a6]; , ; , [a3]; and, finally, , [a2], as an application of a special controlled -cobordism theorem in dimension , called the thin -cobordism theorem or Quinn's thin -cobordism theorem.


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