Hilbert inequality

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A theorem of D. Hilbert on double series:



and the series on the right-hand side have finite positive sums. The constant is precise, i.e. it cannot be decreased. The validity of (*) with was demonstrated by Hilbert, without the precise constant, in his course on integral equations. Its proof was published by H. Weyl [1]. The precise constant was found by I. Schur [2], while the inequality (*) for arbitrary was first quoted by G.H. Hardy and M. Riesz in 1925. There exist integral analogues and generalizations of (*), for example

where is a non-negative kernel, homogeneous of degree , , , , , and

and the previously obtained special case of this inequality [4] with kernel (the so-called double-parametric Hilbert inequality) and constant . The preciseness of this constant has been proved for . It is also asymptotically precise as for an arbitrary admissible fixed . The problem of the asymptotic behaviour of the constant in (*) for finite sums () has not been solved (1988); it is only known that if , the constant is


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