Fresnel integrals

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The special functions

Figure: f041720a

The Fresnel integrals can be represented in the form of the series

An asymptotic representation for large is:

In a rectangular coordinate system the projections of the curve

where is a real parameter, onto the coordinate planes are the Cornu spiral and the curves , (see Fig. b).

Figure: f041720b

The generalized Fresnel integrals (see [1]) are functions of the form

The Fresnel integrals are related to the generalized Fresnel integrals as follows:


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A word of warning. There are different normalizations in use for the Fresnel integrals. E.g., in [a3] they are defined as

so that

The Fresnel integrals defined in the article are related to the probability integral for a complex argument ,

(integration along the line ), by


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