Spectral geometry of Riemannian submersions

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Let be a Riemannian submersion. Let and be operators of Laplace type (cf. also Laplace operator) on and on bundles and . Let and be the corresponding eigenspaces. Assume given a pull-back from to . One wants to have examples where there exists


One also wants to know when


Let and let be the volume element on . Let be the Laplace–Beltrami operator (cf. also Laplace–Beltrami equation). Y. Muto [a8], [a7] observed that

for ; he also gave other examples involving principal fibre bundles.

S.I. Goldberg and T. Ishihara [a2] and B. Watson [a9] studied this question and determined some conditions to ensure that (a2) holds with for all ; this work was later extended in [a5] for the real Laplacian and in [a3] for the complex Laplacian. If (a1) holds for a single eigenvalue, then (eigenvalues cannot decrease). See also [a1] for a discussion of the case in which the fibres are totally geodesic. See [a6] for related results in the spin setting. For a survey of the field, see [a4].


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