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  • ...d by unordered fluctuations. For example, the pulsations of the force of a current or the voltage in an electrical chain (electrical "noise" ) can be consider ...acyimages/s/s087/s087280/s08728052.png" />) converges to a Poisson flow of events of unit intensity when <img align="absmiddle" border="0" src="https://www.e
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  • ...n motion]]. Other examples of practical importance are: the fluctuation of current in an electrical circuit in the presence of so-called thermal noise, the ra ...ll these distributions is not sufficient to determine the probabilities of events depending on the values of <img align="absmiddle" border="0" src="https://w
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  • Limit Theorem for the number of events up to time $t$: As $t \rightarrow \infty$, ...Renewal Theorem one can obtain the asymptotic behavior of the age and the current and residual life. If $Y$ is a
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  • ...iscrete event system is governed only by occurrences of different types of events over time rather than by ticks of a clock; and ii) its state variables belo ...sfy a set of qualitative specifications on the admissible orderings of the events that can be executed by the system.
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  • ...rupt mechanisms — forced halting of processes with preservation of their current states and with subsequent activation or resumption of other processes. ...tion of processes, halting, etc.), and special operators of expectation of events.
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  • ...they chose to work. Yet a discussion of either the past origins of or the current nature and status of these philosophical positions would not significantly ...interpreted variously as set-theoretical inclusion, as causal follow-up of events, as logical follow-up of statements.<ref>See [[Boolean algebra]].</ref>
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  • ...s depends on the extent to which the assumptions are violated. Most of the current research in the field is aimed at relaxing or avoiding the need for such as
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  • other. De Moivre's representation of the solution of the then current problems independent events, the multiplication rule, and the binomial distribution.
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  • to a measurement of the possibility of events independent of the in our time. As against the perception, still current in our day,
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  • exactly $r$ events a finite sample space of equally likely events, usually attributed to Laplace (q.v.).
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  • predicting future events or reviewing past events; one may equally aver that a were of immediate current mathematical interest, particularly the
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  • respects it comes close to current ideas. This allowed general formula on the number of occurrences in a sequence of events
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  • time-dependent probabilities of events. One might say that this starting from classes of events, and a theory of individual economic
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  • events, were soon to become familiar to all probabilists. In his von Mises thought, are apt to "eternalize" the current state of scientific
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