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The logarithm, , of the least upper bound of the modulus of the bilinear form

on the set

(if or , then, respectively, , or , ) is a convex function (of a real variable) of the parameters and in the domain , if the form is real , and it is a convex function (of a real variable) in the domain , if the form is complex . This theorem was proved by M. Riesz [1].

A generalization of this theorem to linear operators is (see [3]): Let , , be the set of all complex-valued functions on some measure space that are summable to the -th power for and that are essentially bounded for . Let, further, , , , be a continuous linear operator. Then is a continuous operator from to , where

and where the norm of (as an operator from to ) satisfies the inequality (i.e. it is a logarithmically convex function). This theorem is called the Riesz–Thorin interpolation theorem, and sometimes also the Riesz convexity theorem [4].

The Riesz convexity theorem is at the origin of a whole trend of analysis in which one studies interpolation properties of linear operators. Among the first generalizations of the Riesz convexity theorem is the Marcinkiewicz interpolation theorem [5], which ensures for , , the continuity of the operator , , under weaker assumptions than those of the Riesz–Thorin theorem. See also Interpolation of operators.


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