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Hurwitz formula, Hurwitz theorem

A formula that connects the genus and other invariants in a covering of Riemann surfaces (cf. Riemann surface). Let and be closed Riemann surfaces, and let be a surjective holomorphic mapping. Suppose this is an -sheeted covering, and suppose that is branched in the points with multiplicities . Suppose that and . Then the following (Riemann–Hurwitz) formula holds:


In particular, if is the Riemann sphere, i.e. , then

Formula (*) was stated by B. Riemann [1] and proved by A. Hurwitz [2].

In the case of coverings of complete curves over a field, an analogous formula can be derived in case the covering mapping is separable (cf. Separable mapping). In that case

where is the different of . In this case one speaks of the Riemann–Hurwitz–Hasse formula. In case a branching multiplicity is divisible by the characteristic of the base field, one speaks of wild ramification, and the degree of at that point is larger than .


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The different of a mapping is the different of the extension of algebraic function fields determined by . For the latter notion cf. (the editorial comments to) Discriminant.


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