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Quillen plus-construction

A mapping between spaces of the homotopy type of connected CW-complexes (cf. also CW-complex), which has (necessarily a perfect normal subgroup of ) and is an acyclic mapping. This means that satisfies the following, equivalent, conditions:

the homotopy fibre of is acyclic;

induces an isomorphism of integral homology and a trivial action of on ;

induces an isomorphism of homology with any local coefficient system of Abelian groups;

if has , then there is a mapping , unique up to homotopy, such that .

When is always chosen to be the maximum perfect subgroup of the fundamental group of the domain, and the mapping is taken to be a cofibration (in fact, it can be taken to be an inclusion in a space formed by the adjunction of 2- and 3-cells), this determines a functor . General references are [a6], [a1]. A fibre sequence induces a fibre sequence if and only if acts on by mappings freely homotopic to the identity; when the space is nilpotent, this condition reduces to acting trivially on [a2].

The construction, first used in [a10], was developed by D. Quillen [a15] in order to define the higher algebraic -theory of a ring as , where the infinite general linear group is the direct limit of the finite-dimensional groups , and the plus-construction is applied to its classifying space to obtain an infinite loop space (hence spectrum) [a16]. General references are [a12], [a1]. Reconciliation with other approaches to higher -theory is found in [a5], [a13]. Subsequently, similar procedures have been employed for -algebras [a8] and ring spaces [a4].

Every connected space can be obtained by the plus-construction on the classifying space of a discrete group [a9]. Thus, the construction has also been studied for its effect on the classifying spaces of other groups, for example in connection with knot theory [a14] and finite group theory [a11]. Relations with surgery theory can be found in [a7]. For links to localization theory in algebraic topology, see [a3].


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