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of asymptotic estimation

A method for determining the asymptotic behaviour as of Laplace integrals


where is a finite interval, is a real-valued function and is a complex-valued function, both sufficiently smooth for . The asymptotic behaviour of is the sum of the contributions from points at which is attained, if the number of these points is assumed to be finite.

1) If a maximum is attained at and if , then the contribution from the point in the asymptotic behaviour of the integral (1) is equal to

2) If a maximum is attained at an interior point of the interval and , then its contribution equals

This formula was obtained by P.S. Laplace [1]. The case when and have zeros of finite multiplicity at maximum points of has been completely investigated, and asymptotic expansions have been obtained (see [2][8]). The Laplace method can also be extended to the case of a contour in the complex plane (see Saddle point method).

Let be a bounded domain in and suppose that the maximal of in the closure of is attained only at an interior point , where is a non-degenerate stationary point of . Then

In this case, asymptotic expansions for have also been obtained. All the formulas given above hold for complex , , . There are also modifications of the Laplace method for the case when the dependence on the parameter is more complicated (see [4], [8]):


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