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A metric in the space of finite Borel measures (cf. Borel measure) on a metric space , defined by

where is the -algebra of Borel sets of and

The Lévy–Prokhorov metric was introduced by Yu.V. Prokhorov [1] as a generalization of the Lévy metric. The quantity changes if in its definition one omits one of the two inequalities and replaces by the system of all open or closed sets of (see [2]).

Most important properties of the Lévy–Prokhorov metric.

1) The metric space is separable if and only if is separable (cf. Separable space).

2) The space is complete if the space is complete (cf. Complete space). The converse is true if the measures of have separable supports.

3) In the space of probability measures the Lévy–Prokhorov metric has properties analogous to those of the Lévy metric. Namely, the regularity property 3) (cf. Lévy metric) and its corollaries, properties 4) and 5), property 6) (in the case ), property 7) in part (namely, ), and also an analogue of property 8) if is a linear normed space: If , where , , then for any ,

4) In the case the Lévy–Prokhorov metric in can be estimated by means of the characteristic functions and corresponding to the measures and (see [3], [4]).

5) The Lévy–Prokhorov metric is a minimal metric with respect to the probability distance

that is, for any random variables , with fixed marginal distributions one has over all joint distributions .


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