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A formula by which one can compute the stochastic differential of a function of an Itô process. Let a (random) function be defined for all real and , be twice continuously differentiable in and once continuously differentiable in , and suppose that a process has stochastic differential

Then the stochastic differential of the process has the form

This formula was obtained by K. Itô [1]. An analogous formula holds for vectorial and . Itô's formula can be generalized to certain classes of non-smooth functions [2] and semi-martingales (cf. Semi-martingale).


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Nowadays, Itô's formula is more generally the usual name given to the change of variable formula in a stochastic integral with respect to a semi-martingale. Either in its narrow or enlarged meaning, Itô's formula is one of the cornerstones of modern stochastic integral and differential calculus.


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