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The Hulthen potential [a1] is given by


where is the screening parameter and z is a constant which is identified with the atomic number when the potential is used for atomic phenomena.

The Hulthen potential is a short-range potential which behaves like a Coulomb potential for small values of and decreases exponentially for large values of . The Hulthen potential has been used in many branches of physics, such as nuclear physics [a2], atomic physics [a3], [a4], solid state physics [a5], and chemical physics [a6]. The model of the three-dimensional delta-function could well be considered as a Hulthen potential with the radius of the force going down to zero [a7]. The Schrödinger equation for this potential can be solved in a closed form for waves. For , a number of methods have been employed to find approximate solutions for the Schrödinger equation with the Hulthen potential [a8], [a9], [a10], [a11]. The Dirac equation with the Hulthen potential has also been studied using an algebraic approach [a12].


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