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Let be a compact Riemannian manifold with boundary . Assume given a decomposition of the boundary as the disjoint union of two closed sets and . Impose Neumann boundary conditions on and Dirichlet boundary conditions on . Let be the temperature distribution of the manifold corresponding to an initial temperature ; is the solution to the equations:

Here, denotes differentiation with respect to the inward unit normal. Let be a smooth function giving the specific heat. The total heat energy content of is given by

As , there is an asymptotic expansion

The coefficients are the heat content asymptotics and are locally computable.

These coefficients were first studied with empty and with . Planar regions with smooth boundaries were studied in [a5], [a6], the upper hemisphere was studied in [a4], [a3], and polygonal domains in the plane were studied in [a7]. See [a11], [a12] for recursive formulas on a general Riemannian manifold.

More generally, let be the second fundamental form and let be the Riemann curvature tensor. Let indices , , range from to and index an orthonormal frame for the tangent bundle of the boundary. Let ":" (respectively, ";" ) denote covariant differentiation with respect to the Levi-Civita connection of (respectively, of ) summed over repeated indices. The first few coefficients have the form:



The coefficient is known.

The coefficients and have been determined if is empty.

One can replace the Laplace operator by an arbitrary operator of Laplace type as the evolution operator [a1], [a2], [a10], [a9]. One can study non-minimal operators as the evolution operator, inhomogeneous boundary conditions, and time-dependent evolution operators of Laplace type. A survey of the field is given in [a8].


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