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of a linear partial differential equation

A solution of a partial differential equation , , with coefficients of class , in the form of a function that satisfies, for fixed , the equation

which is interpreted in the sense of the theory of generalized functions, where is the delta-function. There is a fundamental solution for every partial differential equation with constant coefficients, and also for arbitrary elliptic equations. For example, for the elliptic equation

with constant coefficients forming a positive-definite matrix , a fundamental solution is provided by the function

where is the cofactor of in the matrix .

Fundamental solutions are widely used in the study of boundary value problems for elliptic equations.


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Fundamental solutions are also used in the study of Cauchy problems (cf. Cauchy problem) for hyperbolic and parabolic equations. The name "elementary solution of a linear partial differential equationelementary solution" is also used.

See also Green function.


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