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of a sequence of points from the unit -dimensional cube

The norm of the functional


calculated in some metric. Here, and are, respectively, the volume of the domain and the number of the points of belonging to . If one considers the distribution of the points of over domains of the type , then, in formula (1), is usually replaced by .

The following norms of the functional (1) are most often used:

A sequence of points from the -dimensional unit cube is uniformly distributed if and only if [1]

For any infinite sequence of one-dimensional points the following theorem [3] is valid:

For any sequence it is possible to find a sequence such that for one has [4],

The final result [5] for infinite sequences of one-dimensional points is that for :

Studies were made of the discrepancies of various concrete sequences [6][8], and the estimates from above

were obtained, respectively, for finite and infinite sequences, as well as an estimate from below [4]: For any sequence of points, the following inequality is valid:

For any infinite sequence it is possible to find a sequence of numbers such that for one has



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See also Distribution modulo one; Distribution modulo one, higher-dimensional; Uniform distribution.


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