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Let be a measurable space. Let be a monotone set function (cf. also Set function) on , vanishing at the empty set, . Let be a non-negative measurable function and . The Choquet integral of on A with respect to is defined by

where the right-hand side is an improper integral and is the -cut of , [a1], [a2], [a6]. Specially, let be a simple measurable non-negative function on , , , and whenever . One can rewrite in the following form:


where . Note that for a measure (i.e., for a -additive measure) the Lebesgue integral and the Choquet integral coincide.

The Choquet integral has the following properties:


For any constant , .

If on , then .

For co-monotone functions and , i.e., for all , one has

For other properties of the Choquet integral, see [a2], [a6], [a7].

Related integrals and generalizations.

Let be a non-negative extended real-valued measurable function on and . The Sugeno integral [a8] of on with respect to is defined by

where , .

The restrictions of Choquet-like integrals to the unit interval (both for functions and for fuzzy measures) are a special case of the more general -conorm integrals defined in [a3], [a4], [a5].


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