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An ordinary equivariant cohomology for a finite group , defined in [a1], on the category -CW of -complexes (cf. Complex; CW-complex). The objects of -CW are the CW-complexes with a cellular action of , satisfying the condition that, for every subgroup of , the fixed point set is a subcomplex of . The morphisms are the cellular -mappings. Let be the full subcategory of -CW whose objects are the -orbits , where is a subgroup of . For every contravariant functor from to the category of Abelian groups, there exists a Bredon cohomology theory which, after restriction to , vanishes for and is equal to for .

Let be the chain complex of functors from to such that, for every subgroup of , is the ordinary cellular chain complex of . Then

where denotes the set of natural transformations of functors. The functors are projective objects in the category of coefficient systems and there is a spectral sequence

where .

Let be a -space with base point (cf., e.g., Equivariant cohomology). Important examples of coefficient systems are the homotopy group functors defined by . The obstruction theory for -mappings is formulated in terms of the cohomology groups . For any coefficient system and natural number , there is a pointed Eilenberg–MacLane -complex such that and vanishes whenever . For every -complex , , where denotes -homotopy classes of -mappings.

If is an equivariant cohomology theory defined on the category -CW, then there exists an Atiyah–Hirzebruch-type spectral sequence

where is the restriction of to . Bredon cohomology for an arbitrary topological group is studied in [a4] and [a5]. Singular ordinary equivariant cohomology is defined in [a2] (the finite case) and in [a3]. If a coefficient system is a Mackey functor, then the Bredon cohomology can be extended to an ordinary -graded cohomology [a6].


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