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A plane algebraic curve of order four whose equation in orthogonal Cartesian coordinates is

If , the Booth lemniscate is called elliptic (it has singular point (Fig. a), where ). If , the Booth lemniscate is called hyperbolic (it has a nodal point at the coordinate origin, cf. Fig. b, where ).

Figure: b017000a

Figure: b017000b

The equation of an elliptic Booth lemniscate in polar coordinates is

If , the equation of a hyperbolic Booth lemniscate has the form

and if

The arc length of a Booth lemniscate is expressed by elliptic integrals. The area bounded by an elliptic Booth lemniscate is

while that bounded by a hyperbolic Booth lemniscate is

The Booth lemniscate is a special case of a Persian curve.

Named after J. Booth [1].


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