Bernoulli lemniscate

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A plane algebraic curve of order four, the equation of which in orthogonal Cartesian coordinates is:


and in polar coordinates


The Bernoulli lemniscate is symmetric about the coordinate origin (Fig.), which is a node with tangents $y=\pm x$ and the point of inflection.

Figure: b015620a

The product of the distances of any point $M$ to the two given points $F_1(-a,0)$ and $F_2(a,0)$ is equal to the square of the distance between the points $F_1$ and $F_2$. The Bernoulli lemniscate is a special case of the Cassini ovals, the lemniscates, and the sinusoidal spirals (cf. Cassini oval; Sinusoidal spiral).

The Bernoulli spiral was named after Jakob Bernoulli, who gave its equation in 1694.


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